About Helping Hands of Cleveland

Even though it still identifies with a “Hometown” atmosphere, Cleveland is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the state of Tennessee. New development, more jobs, relocation, associations, upcoming events, health, education, and personal responsibilities have Cleveland bustling with activity.

Everyone is so busy coming and going. Even before the break of dawn, cars steadily fill up the streets until hours past sundown. Even then, the sight and sound of Clevelanders still rushing about in their endeavor to finish their tasks, spoke to my heart. I remembered my own times of great pressure and wanted to reach out to them. Having experienced the demands on my time and personal energy and the pressure that comes with important deadlines, my heart was filled with emotion.

I can definitely relate to the fatigue from long hours and the frustrations that go along with it. How often I would have paid to have someone that I could call on at a moment’s notice to do whatever I needed done; whether it was running errands, putting together gift bags, sponsorship packages, or following up with people on my contact list, et cetera.
I didn’t want to make a big production out of it, or sign contracts, or pay outrageous fees I couldn’t afford, I just needed someone to give me a Helping Hand.

Have you ever had the feeling you had to do everything yourself, or had to stay late at the office, because there wasn’t enough time during the day to get everything done? I think about the many times my own family didn’t see me until late in the evening or had to share their weekends with my job.

Now my children are grown with responsibilities of their own. I have heard it said, that a person on their dying bed will never say, I wish I had spent more hours working. Their focus oftentimes turns to the ones around them and the reality of the time that slipped away.

Helping Hands was birthed out of compassion for all those who need the Blessing of more Time and Peace of Mind. Also touching the heart were the Senior Adults who don’t have transportation or families with free schedules to help them complete their list of things to do; or the Adult children who are trying to be there for their parents as much as possible, but the demands on their time and other responsibilities are overbearing. How precious the Peace of Mind is to them.

I was also reminded of the busy single adults and single parents who needed a helping hand to tie up all the loose ends and I thought about Helping Hands providing an avenue for the boss who would say to their employee, “You really worked hard today, let me have dinner delivered to your home.” The newly wed wife or the new mom and dad could also benefit by having a helping hand to remove some of the pressure they are facing in their new position. These are just a few of the reasons Helping Hands of Cleveland was formed.

A faith based business, today, Helping Hands of Cleveland, LLC d/b/a Cleveland Helping Hands is a group of skilled individuals who are willing to offer the helping hand you need to relieve pressure, free up your time, and make your world a more peaceful place to live.