Unless otherwise specified, the 18” Mylar balloons are $2.00 each and the 12” Latex balloons are .75 each. The balloons come in a variety of beautiful colors with either a pearl or matte sheen. All the Balloons can be viewed and ordered by clicking on Balloons under the Services tab.


The Balloon Bouquets have a plastic snap which holds the balloon ribbons together. In order to secure the balloons they will need to be tied on to a balloon weight or anchored.


There are a variety of Balloon Bouquet weights available in many of the standard colors, including red, pink, blue, green, silver, and black. We also have iridescent & iridescent polka dot weights and several balloon weights specific to the event. You can view the weights by clicking on Balloons in the drop down menu under the Services tab, then click on Balloon Weights & Accessories.


We can deliver!

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