Errand Services – Cleveland Tennessee

How much could you get done in a day if you didn’t have to stop and run here and there? What if you had someone to do it for you? Would it save you time and make you feel like everything is going the way it should? When you can delegate to give yourself time and peace of mind, Helping Hands of Cleveland will be here for you.

An errand list can be endless because everyone has their own responsibilities. A mother who is home with a sick child may consider an errand when one of her other children calling from school needs something of importance brought to them. Whereas a person in business may want Helping Hands of Cleveland to have a special lunch brought in for all those he needs during that critical hour. Errands could also include a task from Personal, Senior or Business Services, or any of the following:

  • Airport Drop Off & Pick Up
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Drop Off & Pick Up
  • Prescription Pick Up
  • Waiting Services
  • Gift Shopping, Wrapping & Shipping*

When you haven’t the time to take the time, we can run the errands for you.

All errands are charged in twenty minute intervals at a rate of $7.00.   One hour time periods are charged at a rate of $21.00.   The 20 minute interval starts at the time your errand begins, and ends at the time the delivery is made or the errand has been completed.

*We reserve the right of refusal to supply, purchase, pick up and/or deliver items that are contrary to the moral or religious beliefs of Helping Hands of Cleveland, or would in any way contribute to an adverse health condition according to product labels, or pose a threat, or possible danger to any living creature.