Personal Services – Cleveland Tennessee

At Helping Hands of Cleveland we want to help make your life easier by providing personal services which are unique to you.

Whether you have alterations that need to be done or need help planning your special event, we’re here to help. We can wait at your home for the deliveries or we can help you with special projects that you’ve been meaning to tackle for the last six months. Whatever it is that has been on your mind to do, it can finally be put to rest. Helping Hands is here to help.

You may want to consider Home Inventory as a necessity, worthy of a place on your priority list. We know the routine. We can also help you organize your piles of paper or write the letter addressing a problem you want resolved. What better way to show your support for the family of a newborn then to send a meal so they will have one less thing to think about their first few nights home. Whatever it is, let us know; we’re here to help.

Our homes are important, but maybe at the top of your list is responsible and dependable pet care. If you would prefer to leave your pets in the comfort of their own home, we can provide care for them in your absence and we are highly recommended.  You can fill out the form, then print it and mail it or email it to (If you will be emailing the form, you can sign it at the Pet Care visit.) You will need to fill out one form for each pet, the first time the Pet Care Service is provided. Once we receive your completed form, we will call you to arrange a Pet Care visit to meet your pet(s) and complete the necessary steps to prepare us and your precious pet(s) for their Helping Hands of Cleveland pet care service.

Compassion & Care Services included in our Personal Services category might consist of Helping Hands of Cleveland taking a Balloon Bouquet to someone special who’s in the hospital or nursing home, or someone who just needs a message of encouragement. We can take silk flowers to the cemetery on holidays or the birthday of a special loved one who has already gone on to their reward. We want to help you make sure your loved one is honored, the same way you would if you had the time or mobility to do it personally. If you need a meal sent to a family who recently experienced the loss of a loved one or has a family member in the hospital, we can do it on your behalf.

Administrative Services included in Personal Services could be creating or updating a resume, typing the notes you recorded or penned for the book you want to have published. You may need check writing and bill paying assistance, travel arrangements, or a personal assistant to schedule your appointments and give you reminders. We can also provide you with relocation assistance. Helping Hands of Cleveland is here to help you with all your administrative needs by providing a professional administrative service. In the event you need a notary* or a place to pick up or send a fax from, we’re here to help.

There’s always time for more time.   Invest a moment to see what we can do to make your life easier by providing personal services which are unique to you.